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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  October 31, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> the reporter: yeah, and if you can imagine, again, this is in middle of the day here in this very busy section of boston. no one was on the sidewalks, no one was in the crosswalks, taking a look behind me, i want to show you have the progress has been made, that fire engine now gone, but the cleanup still continues as police are still blocking this section of comm. avenue. now, this all happened just after 11:30 a.m. this morning, when boston fire engine 7 was responding to a call for smoke in a building. finn, says that fire truck was driving down dartmouth avenue and it was about to turn right on to comm. avenue when it hit this red vehicle in the intersection. the truck again, veered into a line of parked cars, causing a domino effect. finn did say that the engine's lights and sirens were on and i asked him whether the driver of the vehicle was at fault, if he was texting or speeding.
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it doesn't feel like anyone is really in the wrong here, so i don't want to mislead anybody. it doesn't appear that way, and again, just thankfully, no one was seriously injured. >> the reporter: again, the four firefighters in that fire truck, and the driver of that red vehicle had minor injuries. they were all taken to hospital. coming back here, live, i do want to show you this traffic camera here at the intersection. right now, investigators are hoping it gives them clues into exactly what happened, and coming up at 5:00 p.m., you'll hear from witnesses and what they had to say about this terrifying crash. in boston, stephanie coueignoux, fox 25 news. michaela: >> blair: now, when this story broke, fox 25 sent out an alert on the fox 25 news app. you can download it today for free. we will continue to update you on this crash ahead at 4:30 p.m. >> elizabeth: also developing this afternoon, a teen seriously hurt at a party over of the weekend has died from his injuries.
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concrete floor on friday night and today, the suspect faced a judge, fox 25's anchor vanessa welch is here with what we learned today. >> vanessa: police say the party happened at a barn on friday night. today, 18-year-old joseph appeared in lowell district court, pleading not guilty to assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. and was held on $10,000 cash bail. now, prosecutors say that dangerous weapon was the concrete floor. police say zagarella and tewksbury high school got into an altercation and zagarella slammed the boy into the floor. police and prosecutors have not identified the vick t. the victim's family, including his aunt, said today after the court session that the truth will come out. >> i know that there are other kids involved, and i hope that justice on that side, and i'm sorry for the boy's family. >> vanessa: the prosecutor's
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upgraded after officials complete their investigation. fox 25's chris flanagan spent the day gathering new details on the story. he'll have a live report ahead at 5:00 p.m. in the control room, vanessa welch, fox 25 news. >> i. >> i all across new england, kids are getting ready with their costumes for trick-or-treat. let's check in with fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz on what to expect tonight. >> kevin: it's been cool out there, that's for sure. we're seeing a lot of clear skies, which is nice and with a new moon tonight, you know it's going to be dark out there as well. temperatures have been in the 50's all afternoon, most evening comes on. late afternoon. so it's about 50 in boston, but dropped to 49 in cambridge. 49 in woburn. if you're getting out there this evening, be aware the farther west you go, that's typical, going to be cooler. temperatures out here generally in 40's, fitchburg to lempster, still in the 50's in northboro, but get the idea, mostly in 40's it worcester county and to the south of boston, as you would expect, just a little warmer. cape cod, temperatures are still in 50's for the most part, but
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now, you're seeing the live temperatures as i'm looking at them with you. now, we're seeing the cool air also make it into cape cod area. so the dark sky and falling temperatures, and no chance for precipitation. we're setting ourselves up for a pretty nice looking evening for your trick-or-treat festivities. with i come back in a few minutes, we'll look at the temperature drop hour-by-hour, for whatever you're planning, but also look ahead this week, because rain is on the week. >> blair: here in the last 4, the mbta released surveillance video a trolley driver. they hope you can identify him. that suspect is wearing a michael meyers halloween mask. in this video, you see the suspect running off from the cedar grove station in mattapan. police i.e. refused to pay the fare and dried the driver on to the platform and assaulted him late saturday night. riders are pretty shocked by the news of the assault. >> very sad to hear someone do something like that to someone on this line. i always come over here, it's
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>> blair: fox 25's jim morelli has been working the story since it broke on fox 25. >> elizabeth: we want to tell you about a victory and it's amazing. it was a victory for drivers on the pike as the first full commute since the start of the toll booth demolition project goes off without any big problems. that could change tonight or tomorrow, but fox 25's mark ockerbloom is here with a new warning for massdot. >> mark: whatever drivers did on the pike this morning, they should keep doing it, or there will be long days commutes. on the fox 25 news morning news, it was smooth sailing in many places. massdot says traffic was down by nearly 10% on the pike it morning an many other drivers left earlier than normal. detours are now if place at all 23 toll plazas on the highway. so far, construction crews have removed 76 of the 155 toll booths and the first phase of demolition, that is complete now, at 13 plazas. officials say, as the demolition continues, drivers should still make changes to their daily routines.
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either alter your work schedule, maybe take public transportation, find another means to get where you're going. >> be aware of the changing traffic patterns, drive cautiously. adhere to the speed limit. particularly going through at 15 miles per hour. >> the reporter: over the weekend, the new electronic tolls process, nearly three million transactions, almost 80% of those were on vehicles with e-z pass. drivers in other vehicles will receive a bill in the mail. in the newsroom, mark ockerbloom, x what it looks like now. let's get a look at the conditions on pike. fox 25's ted daniel is live in sky fox for the beginning of this afternoon rush. ted? [inaudible] >> the reporter: commuting coming in this morning, and right now, it doesn't look too bad. it looks pretty normal coming
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below. we are above the weston tolls on the mass pike and you can see, below me, the bottom of your screen, that is outbound, people heading outbound on the mass pike, and there is about a mile backup right now, but you're not hitting the brakes that much. you're just slowing down. remember, it's 15 miles per hour per hour through the toll areas, and that's what folks are doing, they haven't completely had to stop right now. so we're going to be watching this scene throughout the next couple hours here, keeping an eye on hopefully, halloween will be in our favor, and we'll be able to have a smooth ride for everyone heading home. that's the latest, reporting from sky fox, ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: all right. >> elizabeth: all right. so not locked up, that's good news. ted looks good in the headset. stay with fox 25 and for the continuing coverage of the traffic trouble along the pike. ted will be back live at 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. check out conditions before you head out tomorrow. we'll have that for you on fox 25 morning news.
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we had this as breaking news last night on fox 25 news. dexter marvin mitchell appeared in this court it morning. police say he turned himself in, but not before initially fleeing the accident. mitchell returned to the scene and told police, he was the driver, and admitted he had been drinking with some friends. >> elizabeth: a shocking trade for patriots fans. team started ways with star linebacker jamie collins. sports director tom leyden joins us with the details on the surprise from foxborough. >> this is one of the trades that made you double check with you saw first word of it question, one of the top five most talented players on the patriots roster, but with a possible big payday ahead, bill belichick act preemptively and traded collins to browns. what's even more shocking is the return from cleveland. an 0-8 team gets a pro bowler from last year and only gave up a compensatory third round draft choice. the browns don't get a compensatory draft choice, which they should. that will become a fourth round pick on the surface, an incredibly low price to pay.
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free agent after this season and reports today suggest he was looking for a huge contract, something the patriots apparently are not willing to offer. the pats have always been asked to get rid of a player too early, rather than too late. a surprise to say the least, but we're not inside the building, so we can't know all of the dynamics. we will stay on top of it for you. tom leyden, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: hillary clinton's email scan did a is back in the headlines. on friday, f.b.i. director that may pertain to clinton's private server and some democrats are saying that disclosure may have broken the law. >> the reporter: as hillary clinton's use of a private email server is back in spotlight, so too is f.b.i. director james comey. >> had no business being spaded. he's a policeman. he's not supposed to comments on the conduct of anybody. f.b.i. director today is keeping a commitment he made back
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continued the investigation. >> on friday, comey told congress bureau investigators are looking at a new batch emails that may pertain to the clinton private server investigation. those emails were found on a computer belonging to anthony weiner, the estranged husband of top clinton aide, huma abedin. clinton is under investigation for allegedly sexting a minor. the news is breathing new life into donald trump's campaign. >> i have to give the f.b.i. happened originally and it took guts for director comey to make the move he made. >> the reporter: but others question the move, including two former u.s. attorneys general, alberto gonzalezism. i really worry that in this particular instance, the f.b.i. director has made an error in judgment in terms of releasing this kind of letter. >> the reporter: and eric holder, who called comey's disclosure, a stunning breach of protocol. top democratic senator, hardy read went further saying comey
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their job to influence an election and with polls showing a tight race, this october surprise could have big impact. in washington, scott mclean. >> elizabeth: election day is one week from tomorrow and friday is the last day to cast your early ballot. stay with fox 25 on air and on line through november 8th, an on election day, we're going to have live coverage starting with our evening newscast. it will last throughout the night. >> blair: ground has finally been broken on the casino in everett. all new at 4:30 p.m., i'll have an exclusive look at the constructi >> elizabeth: fox 25 investigates cellphone customers billed for charges in their sleep. >> are you streaming videos at 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m. in the morning? >> no. >> elizabeth: this is really an interesting story. a local family tells investigative reporter eric rasmussen to prove they were not downloading in their sleep. how the feds and cellphone companies are responding. >> kevin: temperatures dropping through the 50's and into the 40's already out interest, it's going to be cool for
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>> blair: developing this afternoon, iraq's military has officially entered the city of mosul. special forces finally made it inside the isis-controlled capitol following weeks of fighting, and months of preparation. >> the reporter: weeks of heavy fighting, yielding positive results for the anti-isis
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of mosul on monday for the first time if more than two years. special forces took heavy fire as they advanced, clearing a path with tanks and airstrikes. now, residents are starting to return to liberated villages on the outskirts of the city, including some iraqi christians. >> it is indeed a tragedy to see this church destroyed and burned this much, but just like those who built it, we can rewilled i again. >> the reporter: shia militias are closing in from the west and kurdish forces are cutting offer lines of retreat in the north. but in areas still controlled by isis, there are widespread reports of militants using civilians as human shields, forced to the front lines as the battle continues. >> they are shooting and shelling us with mortars, we don't know what to do. despite the rapid advance, officials acknowledge, there's still a long way to go, with a final liberation of mosul
4:16 pm
months. the white house says, it's important to remember this is an iraqi-led operation, moving forward on iraq's timetable. >> we have seen them make a steady and important progress, but we expect this will be a long and difficult challenge. >> the reporter: government advances on mosul have been slower in the south, with iraqi troops still about 20 miles away from linking up with the eastern offensive. in jerusalem. >> vanessa: seniors return for the first -- classmates return for the first time after a senior was killed in a crash of the the victim has been identified as summer steele, a student at sandserson academy. police say the girl somehow got caught in doors of the bus and the driver didn't realize and started to drive away. a neighbor told fox 25, the horrific scene was witnessed by other children. now, the school bus company released a statement, saying in part, well, we cannot change
4:17 pm
grieved for this tragic loss of life. police say the driver is cooperating with that investigation. >> blair: police believe the weather may have played a role in this deadly crash in quincy. an s.u.v. hit and killed a man at the intersection of hancock treat and hollis avenue, late last night. we're told the driver was not impaired and speed does not appear to be a factor. police say it was raining at the time and the man was wearing dark clothes and was not walking in a crosswalk. >> elizabeth: boston mayor marty walsh says meetings are underway to give the stiff power whether there are safety violations. this comes two weeks after a trench collapse killed two men in boston's south end. the contractor, atlantic drain, had multiple safety infractions an unpaid fines. fox 25's heather hegedus spoke with the city and at 6:00 p.m., she'll have new information on atlantic drain's applications to work in boston. >> blair: a man from lempster is being held on $25,000 bond after being accused of raping a
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prosecutors say he forced himself on teenage student in his van while school was in session last week. his attorney told the judge, he and the student know each other and what happened was consensual. >> kevin: it is halloween, temperatures dropping this evening into the 40's, from the 50's, we've seen all day. 49 now in bedford. 52 in boston. 47 out there in worcester, so generally, an average of 50 degrees, but many towns are in the upper 40's, while others closer to boston in the south shore are in the low 50's. averaging 50, going down to 45 on average by 6:00 p.m., clearly cooler off to the west, and a little warmer in boston. and by 8:00 a.m., already in the 30's out there in the suburbs. might want to get the trick-or-treating done by then. out late tonight, no temperatures will be dropping into the 30's, even in the city of boston and down near freezing in the suburbs, so it's going to be a chilly night later on for sure. should be. and keep in mind, there's no moonlight tonight, there's a new
4:19 pm
means it's totally dark. don't expect spooky moonlight out it. so clear skies, we've seen a few clouds drift on by and the clouds go away later tonight. totally clear out interest for the most part and through the morning, sunshine when you wake up. sunshine through the middle of the day and into the afternoon, just a couple of clouds drifting on in. now, there are more clouds later you go tomorrow night and into the first part of wednesday. we'll get back to that, but these clouds aren't company coming with any precipitation is the bottom line what you need to know about that. as far as temperatures tomorrow afternoon, reboundin 50's. boston, 52. quincy, 53 and cambridge. on to the south shore, temperatures in the 50's. 54 seems to be a good number. south in plymouth and to the north shore, cape ann, 51, but 50's through the merrimack valley and last stop back here into worcester county where temperatures will generally be in the 50's as well, so anywhere you go, you're looking at 50's tomorrow afternoon. it gets warmer as the week progresses. you're going to see that in the seven-day forecast in just a moment. but i have want to fast forward in to thursday. because on thursday, ahead of
4:20 pm
milder air going to be streaming on in here. you'll see wind shift around to the south, you see the arrows blowing on in here toward the front but also rain along the front. i'm spenting showers later in the -- expecting showers later in the dave, but with the southerly winds ahead of the front, temperatures in the 60's and really, that's going to start on wednesday, but with sunshine and on thursday, even with a lot of clouds, that threat of showers, temperatures back in the 60's one more time. there's going to be a mild stretch coming up for a few days. you'll see that in the seven-day forecast. we'll get through tonight's problem as far as temperatures, but notice the 28-degree average. 28 if the suburbs by early in the morning and 30's downtown in boston. by wednesday, we're into 60's in the afternoon, and thursday, there's that shower threat coming later in the dave, saw a mixture of sun and colored, about the shower threat thursday afternoon. friday, sunshine, but cooler temperatures. the front goes by here, we get cooler friday and into weekend and that weekend in are you familiar, always in view, remember, we fall back this weekend, so we get an extra
4:21 pm
50 on sunday. a mixture of sun and clouds, both days are going to entertain the threat of a passing shower, but not a washout either day. it's another tricky forecast, kind of in that pattern, like it past weekend was, timing out when the showers actually come on through. that's where we'll be sitting next weekend as well. not especially cold and not a washout of a weekend. it's still five to six days away. by monday, same idea, look how much cooler we're getting. i'll be back in a few minutes with a checkup on those temperatures for are trick-or-tre >> vanessa: thanks, kevin. placing the plame for a school bus crash that left several local students hurt. that accident was breaking news last week. new at 4:00 p.m., why the bus driver is facing criminal charges. now here's mark ockerbloom with what we're working on for fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. obviously, we're having a technical issue. but we have been reporting on how emails linked to hillary clinton are being investigated by the f.b.i. how this october surprise will
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>> elizabeth: the 911 calls made in the capitol, in the deadliest mass shooting. omar mateen opened fire at the
4:25 pm
49 people died and 53 wounded. city officials argued that the calls should be exempt from the public records law. police say mateen made phone calls to police from inside the club during the massacre. new at 4:00 p.m., a new hampshire man is accused of beating and strangling a woman. 21-year-old michael stevens was arrested early sunday morning in nashua. victim told police he punched her several times and pinned her to the ground and choked her. steves and the woman did know each other. she went to a hospital but is expected to be ok. stevens now faces felony >> blair: italy's prime minister is vowing to rebuild villages destroyed by another massive earthquake. the magnitude 6.6 tremor struck yesterday. it hit many of the same towns damaged by a deadly quake back in august. this time, no one was killed, but some were injured. historical buildings, including churches crumbled. 15,000 people are staying in temporary shelters. aftershocks continue to rattle that region as well. the world series will resume tomorrow night in cleveland and
4:26 pm
the chicago cubs right now. last night, former red sox pitcher john leister and the cubs avoided elimination with a win if game five at wrigley field. leister did allow a solo homerun to rodriguez in the second. cubs would take the lead in the both to the of the fourth. chris bryant ties the game with a homerun to leveled. then david ross, another former red sox, put the cubs if front with a sacrifice 3 to left. cubs would go on to win this one with a final score of 3-2. you see game six tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m., rig fox 25, followed by a late edition of fox 25 news. a billion dollar casino is finally being built if everett and coming up, i was at that site today and begin an exclusive look at the progress that's now being made. >> kevin: temperatures dropping this evening, it's down to 49 downtown in boston. 52 at the airport. but you're not trick-or-treating at the airport. we'll look plagues by place over the temperatures are looking like throughout the evening just ahead. >> elizabeth: we continue to follow developing news in boston. four interviewer: what would stop you from voting this november? woman 1: working late.
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and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter. ever new england. eversource. >> blair: right now at 4:30 p.m., we want to update a developing story out of the back bay. two of the four firefighters killed in the chain reaction crash are out of the hospital. >> elizabeth: boston fire confirmed that news in the last 15 minutes. the crash happened just before noon at the intersection of dartmouth and comm. avenue. we sent out an alert and we were on the wear minutes later. firefighters say engine 7 was responding to a call when he slammed into a vehicle in the intersection.
4:30 pm
nine. we asked boston's fire commissioner if distracted driving or speeding may have caused the crash. >> it's under investigation and it doesn't feel like anyone is really in the wrong here. i don't want to mislead anybody. it doesn't appear that way. and again, just thankfully, no one was injured, seriousry injured. >> elizabeth: the two injuries that did happen were the two firefighters. they were still undergoing tests at the hospital. they are expected to be ok. another driver injured in that crash remains in the hospital as update on this investigation into the crash in just 30 minutes. >> blair: also right now, wants to give you a live look at the pike as the evening rush hour approaches. this will be the second big test for the new all electronic tolling system. massdot officials tell fox 25 this morning's commute went better than expected. they want drivers to be prepared for lengthy traffic jamsals construction continue as crews continue to tear down the old toll booth. ted daniel is on board sky fox to keep an eye on the pike as we
4:31 pm
>> elizabeth: new at 4:30 p.m., days after a bus full of middle school students veered off the road and into a stone wall, the driver is now facing criminal charges and he could end up serving time behind bars. fox 25 has learned the charges just announced cite 58-year-old mark woods with negligent operation of a bugs, and marked lane violations. there was no answer today at the driver's quincy home. we wanted to ask him about the accident that sent five students to the hospital after the school bus he was drivi fire hydrant, telephone pole, fence and stone wall. sky fox was over the scene after it happened on quincy's quarry street, near the intersection of kidder street. the bus crashed into a nissan pathfinder, after driving into this home on north quarry street. five students were treat and released from a local hospital. woods was also hurt. district officials from quincy public schools tell fox 25, woods was immediately placed on
4:32 pm
the accident. now, fox 25 news has learned, woods has had various citations dating as far back as 1984. these current charges carry a number of fines and jail time and he also risks losing his license. >> blair: to the weather, it is getting darker outside. you know what that means. it is almost time for trick-or-treating, almost. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is it here now, with how it's going to be for the kids and the parents outside tonight. kevin, what were you saying. >> kevin: i was justifies wondering wher butter cups are coming from. >> elizabeth: he's calling you out. you know how blair loves peanut butter cups. >> kevin: i pay cash for them. with the new moon tonight, that means opposite of a full moon. new moon means you have nothing. it won't be any moonlight tonight at all. make it spookier for you. as far as temperatures, those are dropping into a reasonable levels for tonight. we've seen much colder than this on halloween, but it is down to 49 in the city of boston. 48 in cambridge. easy for me to say.
4:33 pm
carlisle, 49 and checking out the south shore as well, temperatures near 50 degrees, but again sliding in to the upper 40's. plymouth at 51 degrees. trick-or-treat forecast generally is for temperatures in the 40's, under clear skies, all across southern new england, clear, dark, no moonlight skies across southern new england. we'll be tracking the temperature drop there evening and some rain that's on the way, a timeline on that just ahead. >> elizabeth: kevin, thank you. several boston police officers are on paid leave as the district attorney's office illness was shot and killed outside a home just after midnight yesterday. family members identified him as clarence coleman. boston police say they responded to the house after his mother called for help with her son who had schizophrenia. commissioner says coleman charged at paramedics and officers with a knife. >> they tried to subdue the individual also without using force, but he was able to keep his arm free and he started to come at the officers.
4:34 pm
unfortunately, they had to take this young individual's life. >> elizabeth: family members claim that coleman did not have a knife. none of the officers involved were wearing body cameras at the time. >> blair: for the first time, we can show you the progress of the new wynn boston harbor resort in everett. only fox 25 is being given this access the general manager showed me around the construction site today and gave me some new insight on what the resort will look like and how it could be a major player in boston's business. >> driving by the wynn boston harbor, this is how see it. but today, we hopped on board with the president of the property, bob disalvio, to see the progress. >> we're currently finishing off the foundation work on the site, we wanted to establish a firm footprint for the building. >> the reporter: that footprint spans 13 acres. this right here is the entrance to the hotel building and casino. this is what the hotel will face -- the boston skyline along the banks of the "mystic river."
4:35 pm
side, the curved to you where and that tower goes up 27 stories. >> the reporter: they're still tweaking the design on the inside of the building. today, we also obtained these new pictures that have not been released that give more detail on what the $2.1 billion project will look like, from the lobby, to the rooms, overlooking city, to main casino that will have a grand staircase, but after months of public legal wrangling with somerville, disalvio says the relationship as simmered down. place with somerville and the cooperation is going well. >> the reporter: they're on target for the opening of june 3rd, 2019. disalvio says the biggest focus now -- the jobs. 320 people work on the site now. another 200 before the end of the yearly. next year, 1500 more. even after that, there will be 4,000 permanent jobs. >> for us, it's all about getting people to work and getting this thing up and running. we can't wait to show off wynn boston harbor to our guests. >> the reporter: i'm told that steve wynn calls the boston
4:36 pm
going. disalvio also told me wynn is very focused on the details of that building and likes to have a hands-on approach here. >> elizabeth: blair, the answer to the question, where's the beef is apparently westport. westport man came face-to-face with 1,000-pound bull that was just standing in his driveway. he found that animal saturday evening. when police arrived, they saw the bull and a calf in the nearby woods. the animals actually escaped from a nearby farm, one at the center of the large animal cruelty case. >> t one point, but both animals did go back in to the woods, toward the farm. >> elizabeth: answering the we have, how do you handle a 1,000-pound bull? very carefully. the owner of the animals eventually found them on sunday morning, took them to an auction in pennsylvania. over the summer, 1400 animals were found living at that farm in unsanitary conditions. >> i. >> i the mbta may bring back late night bus service. according to the boston herald,
4:37 pm
with the bridge today. riders would use the bridge app to schedule pickup and dropoff locations. buses would operate as needed and the t would receive all fares. trying to find out exactly what happened during today's meeting. >> elizabeth: a great white shark found stranded on a cape beach has died. a man spotted that 12-foot shark, struggling in gnaw set beach in orleans yesterday. of the sharks don't become stranded often, but it appears to happen on the cape in november when the animals are migrating south. la stranded on cape beaches, two died. >> blair: a seawall is getting funds to rebuild a wall destroyed by hurricane sandy. it will cover 75% of the project. the seawall is a large pile of boulders that protect seaside homes. it's back to school after hurricane matthew caused damage and destruction alost the carolinas.
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>> elizabeth: new at 4:30 p.m., firefighters in california are keeping an eye on hot spots after the massive fire at a vacant apartment building. the flames broke out early this morning, at the bidding in oakland. it was under renovation at the time. no one was hurt, but firefighters will to evacuate some nearby buildings as a precaution. >> that was a major concern of ours, the embers catching the surrounding buildings on fire, so we immediately had crews go to all sides and check to make
4:41 pm
patrol kind of, start making sure that no surrounding buildings were going to catch on fire. >> elizabeth: to surrounding buildings suffered minor damage. the cause of that fire is under investigation. newly released surveillance footage shows the terrifying moment that a man took out a machete at an airport in orleans. that incident happened in march of last year. richard white can be seen swinging the blade at other passengers before chasing a t.s.a. worker through the checkpoint. investigators say he hid the machete in a contained six molotov cocktails. the deputy sheriff was shot three times and died the following day. >> blair: the week long manhunt for an accused killer in oklahoma is over. police killed michael vance jr. in a shootout last night. he shot a sheriff who pulled him over and sped off. that sheriff is expected to be ok. officers eventually caught up with vance and that's whether the deadly gun battle happened. vance was accused of killing two of his relatives and injurying two other officers in a shootout bass leak.
4:42 pm
case near martinsville speedway if virginia. a convertible was trying to pass another car when it drove into the crowd. nine people were rushed to local hospitals. 13 people were treated for minor injuries at the scene. police say they do not believe alcohol was a factor in this crash. of course, it's halloween and the kids will be out soon. the perfectly timed celebration that has earned one small town a new world record. >> kevin: whatever you're doing this evening, you probably want to know the forecast. definitely not going to rain. dropping. how cool it's going to be for your plans this evening. >> we're paying more and more and more. >> elizabeth: this is a really interesting story. a local family sees their
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
>> mark: customers rack up cellphone charges in their sleep.
4:45 pm
paying for data you never used. >> elizabeth: fascinating and frustrating. one customer contacted eric rasmussen when their data usage spiked. >> the reporter: it happens while people are asleep, even when downloading videos that never actually played. fox 25 investigates has been looking into spike in mystery data since july and we found the f.c.c. has received numerous complaints in recent months. videos, emails, every kilabyte comes at a cost. >> we're paying more and more and more. heather and tim won't make sense of their cellphone bills over the summer. data overages cost them as much as $50 extra a month. >> at 12:31 a.m. on the 28 recalling, my husband's phone pulled 175,000 kilabytes. >> the reporter: that wasn't the only time. >> you can actually see the progression through the months. >> the reporter: the couple kept
4:46 pm
june, a whopping 21.9 gigabytes. >> are you streaming videos at 1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m.? >> no. >> playing lots of games. >> no. >> big facebook middle of the night. >> no. >> the reporter: they say their kids' devices are wi-fi only, no data. how to stop all of that data? they say their cellphone company first told them to replace their iphoness, but the charges kept coming, even watch the new phones were off. >> something that would explain why they went through almost double our normal amount of data and what i got was a lot of finger pointing, at me, at apple and complete lack of accountability. >> the reporter: not an isolated incident and not just a problem with at&t. according to records obtained by fox 25 investigates. complaints to the f.c.c. that mentioned data overages jumped more than 800% in the last three years.
4:47 pm
>> the reporter: researchers say hackers can steal data, leaving victims to pay the overages. she spoke to fox 25 from her office at ohio state university. even whether there is no foul play, pung says customers can also be charged for more data than they actually use. >> there is a vehicle from the network to your phone. data can get lost along the path to the true user and you could you mean to tell me if i'm trying to watch a video and that wheel is spin, i'm already being charged for that data? >> this is definitely true. >> there's actually very little regulation of cellphone. >> the reporter: former undersecretary of consumers affairs, barbara an tone points out, the f.c.c. doesn't regulate contracts between cellphone companies and their customers. >> it's a good question about whether anybody is watching out for the consumer, except for the consumer. >> the reporter: of the couple says hours on the phone with their provider eventually got them a refund, but they never
4:48 pm
>> you know, we're facing an uphill battle to prove to them that we're not up all night streaming videos instead of being on our wi-fi or sleeping. they put that on us. >> the reporter: we contacted at&t about the couple, a spokesperson apologized for any inconvenience and said the company actually stopped charging all customers for data overages in august. t-mobile has been doing that for a while now. verizon told fox 25, it charges for data sent over its network, but says it takes for fox 25 investigates, i'm eric rasmussen. >> blair: the price at the pump is holding steady here in massachusetts. according to aaa, the average price for a gallon of self-serve regular is $2.14, the same as last week and that's also 7 cents less than the national average. >> kevin: i always talk about that evening forecast, so important on a night like this,
4:49 pm
totally dark once the sun sets this evening. means you've got to really watch out for the little ones out there especially if you're driving home from work this eveningching you're not going to have the moonlight to help you out lighting things up. temperatures are dropping, you know that's going to happen as the sun goes down as well. 49 in boston. bedford, you're 49. lynn, 50. slide up the coast, you know in salem, big night, temperatures are in the 40's there. out here to beverly, it's 49. marblehead, 46, and rockport out there in cape on the south shore, you still have a couple 50's, anson and plymouth, checking in at 50's. marshfield, duxbury, 49 degrees. so generally 40's through the evening. futurecast shows we are staying clear for you. ists going to be a clear, cool evening and when you wake up in of the morning, tomorrow morning, it will be sunny out. that sun will get your temperature warming up once again, but expect 20's in the suburbs and 30's at the coast first thing in the morning. in the afternoon, still sunday niche, but then some clouds start to drift in here tomorrow night. something we'll revisit in just
4:50 pm
bridgewater, 55. sandwich, 53. north and west in 50's as well. pretty much similar weather anywhere you're looking tomorrow, with that sun mixed in with a few clouds in the afternoon. seven day photographer characters i'll stop and examine it more closely. starting tomorrow, temperatures r.b.i. single in the 50's and then -- in the 60's and climbing on wednesday and thursday, so for a few days, we have warmer temperatures coming our way, no doubt about that. thursday, the shower threat starts to enter our forecast. we'll stop and take a look at wednesday night ahead of a front, a couple of sprinkles trying to outrun the front, but it's during the day on thursday, we'll see the front drift into new england and the threat of showers coming our way and clearly disappearing. it is going to bring that threat of showers late in the day on thursday and into the evening hours. behind the front, on friday, we're back to sunshine, and then by this weekend, you see that clock here and you know what happens this weekend, it's the end of daylight savings time. so we fall back sunday morning,
4:51 pm
everyone. this happens every year, the first weekend of november now. it changed several years ago, so it's no longer happening in october, it now happens the first week in november. so it's this weekend you'll get the extra hour of sleep on sunday, and that's always a nice thing to hear. you get temperatures in 40's for highs by early next week. now your weekend of course, always in view. let's take a closer look at that. this weekend has a mixture of sun and clouds. remember that happens at 2:00 a.m. in the morning on after watching your late night show saturday night and before you go to bed, you set the clock back one how many. the clouds in there with the sun. there is the threat, small threat of a shower, either day, a little bit of messiness in the atmosphere, we'll have to watch for, as we get closer to this weekend, so keep that in mind, when we're approaching the end, but for now, clear skies through your weekend. nice looking for the trick-or-treating out there and then temperatures, the next couple of days, getting milder before we cool down at the end of this week. i'll have the latest information coming in this evening, so we
4:52 pm
timeline of when the showers will reach us and come through the area thursday afternoon and friday evening. >> vanessa: jerry seinfeld has a joke about the weather, he says i'm superman, look at the pants. he has to wear a costume all the time. >> elizabeth: take a look at this. residents of richland, wisconsin, carved out thousands of jack-o-lanterns, this is the record for the longest line of carved pumpkins. >> blair: who comes up with this stuff. >> lot to do that. the mayor of richland says almost everyone if town showed up to get it done. >> we had grandparents, great grandparents, kids, babies, every one in there community came out and carved. it was an amazing event to see so many families out here. >> elizabeth: i'm joking being. it is neat to see, so many people come out to make this happen. it's a town of 5,000 people, they carved nearly 4,000 jack-o-lanterns to set the record, so they were really working hard. >> blair: many kids have a long list of things they want for
4:53 pm
why one child is giving up gifts this year and the powerful symbol that inspired him to do it. there's vanessa for what we're working on for fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. >> vanessa: in boston's back bay, five people are hurt in a chain reaction crash involving a fire truck. >> the reporter: investigators are still not sure who is? at fault here. >> vanessa: a local teenager puts his life on line when he realizes his sister is inside of their burning home. >> he's a hero, j like that without th fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time. you're right on time. as promised, to install fios and set up the wi-fi that janet, jamie, jenny, jemma and jasmine need on their birthday. thank you. for all their new devices. you can't break me. you want a piece of cake? switching to fios is easier than ever. now get 100 meg internet, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online.
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honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures. introducing tiny toast. the tiny cereal with the big taste of real fruit. >> blair: three weeks after north carolina was devastated by hurricane matthew, some students are finally headed back to school. goodie bags were delivered to principals last week in the hope that halloween treats would lift the spirit of the kids there, but not everyone is going back to their same school. some students displace the by the storm are now in new districts.
4:57 pm
way out there in the country. so no way commuting back-and-forth. >> blair: other parents are concerned by lost time. they say they're worried their children may not be able to pass their tests. state lawmakers have not yet decided if schools will have to make up the missed class time or not. a selfless boy used his birthday to raise money for the family of a fallen police officer. >> elizabeth: reporter brian johnson found out why that young man did it and how his friends helped. >> my favorite player is >> the reporter: reich many in the metro, brandon is a huge sluggers fan, but he has a heart of gold. >> i really support and cops and paramedics that die. >> the reporter: each day on highway 69, he passes the memorial for deputy brandon collins who died last month in the line of duty. >> we have the same name -- brandon collins and brandon batista. >> the reporter: when mom said to year, she didn't want birthday presents to fill the house, it hit him.
4:58 pm
he hoped to raise $50. >> when she told me $335, i was just really excited and so we could help his family. >> the reporter: much of brandon's inspiration, comes from other royals fans who helped after tragedy. >> i heard that the marlins guy gave $10,000 to each of the firefighters' family. >> the reporter: mom is proud of her son and grateful to a community that in expires him. >> doing good for others, off, because that's where he's seen it. it's not like he came up with this out of the blue. he's seen other people do good things. >> elizabeth: it's so nice to see, isn't it? that was brian johnson reporting. >> blair: and the family says they're so grateful for all the support they received from people all across the country. they couldn't do it without all those people. four boston firefighters hurt in a wild crash in the back bay. >> elizabeth: fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. starts right now. >> vanessa: first at 5:00 p.m., a chain reaction crash involving a fire truck sends several boston firefighters to the
4:59 pm
pretty terrifying. >> the reporter: why witnesses are calling this a miracle tonight. plus -- >> a 15-year-old tewksbury boy is dead after police say a fight over the weekend at this bar. >> mark: we'll show you how a community is. coming together to help the victims' family. >> kevin: clear skies and cool temperatures. an hour-by-hour breakdown of the forecast for trick-or-treating. >> vanessa: a local familiar is tankful tonight after losing their home in a fire. thousand a 16-year-old saved his little sister from the flames. >> mark: investigatessors are working to figure out what caused a cane reaction in the back bay involving a boston fire truck and -- s.u.v. good evening, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm vanessa welch. several firefighters and a driver of that fire truck were hurt at dartmouth and comm. avenue before lunch time. many parked cars were damaged. in last half-hour, we learned two of the four injured
5:00 pm
>> mark: we have team coverage on the developing story. fox 25's stephanie coueignoux talked to witnesses who described the frightening scene, but first, we go to crystal haynes live in boston and crystal, right now, still unclear exactly how this happened. >> the reporter: and commonwealth avenue actually back open here tonight, much to the relief of folks who actually travel through this area. but the investigation continues. as you said, boston police say two of the four firefighters hospital have been released. no one seriously injured however in this chain reaction crash. and at this hour, investigators say they're looking at traffic cameras to determine exactly what could have happened here, and who might have been involved. stats like domino's cane reaction crash sent five to the hospital after this boston fire truck collided with a car at the intersection of comm. avenue and dartmouth. >> what happened at the intersection is still up in the


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